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Enabling Respondus Instructor Live Proctoring

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As part of ACC’s license with Respondus, a new addition to the Respondus LockDown Browser tool has recently come online which provides a new synchronous proctoring opportunity.  Respondus Instructor Live Proctoring allows an instructor to proctor students remotely using Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, and Respondus LockDown Browser at the same time.

This proctoring option is intended for small classes where the instructor will watch students in real time using a video conferencing system like Zoom. There is no flagging or proctoring alerts with live proctoring but students are still locked into the testing environment with lockdown browser.

Zoom is the recommended tool for use with Instructor Live Proctoring.

Students will use LockDown Browser to take their exams while faculty use Zoom to monitor the student’s webcams for enhanced security.  This article provides information on how to enable Respondus Instructor Live Proctoring.

  1. In the class Blackboard, navigate to the Respondus LockDown Browser settings dashboard located under the Course Tools tab.screenshot dashboard of lockdown browser and proctoring settings
  2. Click the dropdown arrow next to the exam you wish to enable and click “settings”.
  3. Select the option for “Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam”.
  4. Under the Proctoring listing that pops up, select the “Allow live instructor proctoring for this exam (via Zoom, Teams, etc.)”. screenshot of where to select your video conferencing system for live proctoring
  5. Select the video conferencing option you wish to use from the dropdown menu (Zoom is recommended).
  6. Enter a unique “start code” so that students cannot start the exam early.
  7. Click “save and close”.
  8. Provide the date, time, and link to the web conferencing session in your announcements page and wherever else you post your testing information.

Information about the student experience taking an Instructor Live Proctoring exam can be found at this article titled “Availability of Online Testing Platforms (Respondus Monitor and Distance Education Proctoring)”.

To learn more about instructor live proctoring an exam, view the video produced by Respondus:


NOTE: It is recommended that faculty poll their students to determine whether any of them are dual credit and using a school district-issued Chromebook. Most of these devices issued by a school district are heavily locked down and prevent the installation of third party software such as Respondus or Zoom.

In addition, iPads are not compatible with Instructor Live Proctoring due to Apple software limitations that prevent having both LockDown Browser and a web conferencing tool active at the same time. Alternative testing arrangements may need to be made for these students.

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