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Availability of Online Testing Platforms (Respondus Monitor and Distance Education Proctoring)

ACC currently utilizes two proctoring services that allow students to be monitored during a test that they are taking from home: Respondus Monitor and Distance Education Proctoring (DE Proctoring).  Each platform has specific requirements and abilities, but all require the use of a webcam and microphone.  Consult your class Blackboard or contact your instructor to see about which platform you will be able to use to take your exams.  If your device does not match the platform your instructor is using to administer the tests, please contact them in order to have the exams made available on a platform compatible with your device.

Availability of testing platforms:

Respondus LockDown Browser with Monitor or Instructor Live Proctoring: Windows and Mac desktops and laptops, iPad (not available for Instructor Live Proctoring), Chromebook
DE Proctoring: Windows and Mac desktops and laptops, Chromebook

Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor is part of the Respondus LockDown Browser that you download and install to your system and monitors you through a webcam and microphone.  You will need to navigate to your test within the Respondus LockDown Browser to start the exam: do not attempt to start your test through another browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).  Once you start the exam, you will be prompted for an extensive security check.  Follow the rules and requests of the system in order to take your test.

iPad users will need to download the app from the Apple App Store.  Note: ACC-issued iPads will have the Respondus LockDown Browser pre-installed.

Respondus Requirements:

Windows: 10, 8, 7 (note: Windows 10 S version is not compatible)
Mac: OS X 10.12 or higher
iOS: 11.0+ (iPad only)
Web camera (internal or external) & microphone
A broadband internet connection

Note: As of August 23, 2021, the Chromebook version of Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor is now available. Use the link here for instructions on how to download Respondus LockDown Browser on your Chromebook device. Please note: it is possible that Chromebooks issued to high school students through their local school district may not be able to download and install Respondus to their device. If this is the case and your instructor requires Respondus-based proctored testing, please contact the instructor to notify them of your status and make alternate arrangements to take your exams.

Respondus Instructor Live Proctoring

Respondus Instructor Live Proctoring is a new tool that allows you to take a Respondus exam online at the same time with the rest of your class in coordination with a web conferencing tool like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams which your instructor will use to proctor you with. Your instructor will determine which web conferencing tool you will use for your session(s). Instructor Live Proctoring is built into LockDown Browser (download here) and does not require a separate application. You will share your webcam via the web conferencing tool while taking your exam through LockDown Browser.

Respondus Instructor Live Proctoring is available on the following platforms:

Windows: 8.1, 10, or 11
Apple: MacOS 10.12 to 12.0+

Please note: If you are a dual credit or high school student using a school-issued Chromebook, be aware that most of these devices issued by a school district are heavily locked down and prevent the installation of third party software such as Respondus. Be sure to check with your school’s IT and technical support information to see if Respondus and the web conferencing tool are either available for download or preinstalled. If you only have your Chromebook device to use for the class but installation of Respondus is not possible, it is recommended that you contact your instructor to make alternative testing arrangements.

At the appointed time of your test session, you will do the following (may vary by instructor):

  1. Open the web conferencing tool link posted in Blackboard/shared by your instructor.
  2. Follow your instructors instructions on orientation for the exam and any required security checks.
  3. When your instructor indicates, open the Respondus LockDown Browser application.
  4. Log into Blackboard and navigate to your test. You will be prompted to enter a “start code”.
  5. When everyone is ready, your instructor will share the code which you will enter at the prompt.
  6. Start the test.
  7. When the exam is complete, click “submit” and end the test. If required, tell your instructor that you have finished the test.

Contact your instructor if you have any questions or concerns about being able to attend the live session.

DE Proctoring

ACC has developed a live proctoring platform to accommodate students enrolled in asynchronous ONL, DLS, and hybrid HYD courses (hybrid HYC online courses and HyFlex on-campus courses do not qualify). Personnel from the Department of Distance & Alternative Education will monitor the student live through Class for Zoom while the student takes the exam. (Note: Students must have a webcam, speakers, and microphone for exams with DE Proctoring.) Please visit the DE Proctoring Student Portal for more information.

DE Proctoring Availability

DE Proctoring is not available 24/7 and requires advanced scheduling. DE Proctoring is available:

  • Monday – Thursday: 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Friday: 9 a.m.. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Sunday: 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

(All times are Central (CST/CDT)

Schedule DE Proctoring Session

Students must submit an ACC Session Scheduling Form for each test. A two-day notice is needed to organize the test session. We cannot accommodate same-day or next-day testing.

Upon submitting an appointment request, DE Proctoring will send the student a confirmation email with detailed instructions on the steps to test successfully (computer requirements, joining Class for Zoom, ID requirements, information on the appointment meeting link, etc.). The day before the appointment, students will receive an emailed invitation from Class containing the meeting link. Using the Class invite link, the student must join the appointment session 15 minutes before the intended start time. The student will be required to enable their webcam and microphone and allow screen sharing so the proctor can see the student’s screen. The proctor will walk the student through a security check, including a 360 view of the testing space. The student will navigate to the test in Blackboard, and the proctor will allow access to the test. After the student completes the exam and logs out of Blackboard, the Proctor will end the Class for Zoom session.

If students require assistance, contact DE Proctoring staff at deproctoring@austincc.edu or call 512-223-1372.

DE Proctoring Technical Requirements

DE Proctoring is available on Windows and Mac PCs/laptops and Chromebooks.
DE Proctoring is NOT available on iPads, tablets, or cell phones.

Contact Support

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Updated on May 2, 2024

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