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Technology Currently Under Review

Technology Currently Under Review

Technology is constantly evolving. To ensure that ACC continues to adapt to changing industries, the Office of Academic Technology is regularly reviewing tools that meet at the intersection of:

  1. the needs of ACC faculty, staff, and students; and,
  2. changes and advancements in technology.

Below are the technologies currently under review by the Office of Academic Technology and the Academic Technology Advisory Committee.

Event Multimedia Services
HLC Campus

Gradescope & Crowdmark

These tools provide alternative grading environments and capabilities outside of the functionality of Blackboard assessments. Gradescope & Crowdmark are being reviewed by the Math Department during the Spring 2024 semester as part of an Innovation Grant.

Honor Create & Honor Learn

Honor Create & Honor Learn are a collection of tools that allow faculty to develop micro-learning modules that include text, video, external resources, student engagement and inquiry, and OER content from OpenStax. Phase 2 of this review is taking place during the Spring 2024 semester to gather feedback from faculty and students.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools in Instruction

As part of a year-long Faculty Fellowship on AI in the Classroom, 4 faculty are reviewing a series of 4 different AI platforms to collect data on their usefulness in instruction. The tools currently included in this review are: ChatGPT, Perplexity, Poe, and Eduaide. This review goes through the Spring 2024 semester.