Austin Community College (ACC) requires all new students with fewer than 12 successful college credit hours on their transcript to take a Student Success course. This requirement will ensure that you learn more about setting and pursuing your academic and career goals, managing your college course load, mastering effective study skills, and creating a realistic college plan. Every associate degree plan at ACC includes a Student Success course in the first semester of the degree’s program map.

Current Student Success course options include EDUC 1100/EDUC 1200/EDUC 1300 Learning Framework: Effective Strategies for College Success courses, HUMA 1301 Prehistory to Renaissance topic course Great Questions Seminar, POFT 1171 College to Career Success course, or HPRS 1171 Student Success for Health Professionals course. Prior to registering for your first semester at ACC, consult with an Area of Study advisor or instructional department’s program advisor to ensure you take the appropriate Student Success course that is part of your degree plan.