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Start Here. Get There.

Thousands of Central Texas success stories begin right here. You can make your educational and career goals a reality too. Austin Community College (ACC) offers the support, resources, and affordable options to help you get anywhere you want to go. Visit the Austin Community College website to get started.


A Message from the Chancellor

Welcome to Austin Community College! I am honored that you have chosen to pursue your education with us. You will find ACC faculty and staff to be supportive, caring, and knowledgeable as you build the foundation for your future. Our mission is to help you reach your academic goals and graduate with the skills and knowledge needed for a rewarding career.


I encourage you to get to know your professors and learn about the many support services ACC offers. Whether you’re with us online or in person, ACC can assist you with successfully balancing school, work, and home. Here, you get access to free tutoring, advising, and academic coaching. 

We know that in these uncertain times, it is more important than ever that you have the personal and financial support you need. The ACC Food Pantry, our Student Emergency Fund, child care services, and more are always available to support you through any of life’s obstacles. Your time here should be a rewarding one. I invite you to ask questions and get involved. Explore student government or Student Life and take part in activities.

We’re excited to have you at ACC, and look forward to celebrating your next transition – from student to ACC graduate.



Dr. Richard Rhodes