Developmental Education provides students opportunities to hone their academic skills and find the support they need to excel in college-level classes. It provides refresher courses in math and integrated reading and writing that are tailored to the student’s needs and designed with their success in mind.

Students who are not college-ready will enroll in developmental education courses that will assist with successfully passing the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements. For many students, their developmental education courses will be taught in conjunction with an entry-level college credit course. For some students, a developmental sequence may be appropriate prior to enrolling in college-level courses, and in accordance with Austin Community College’s (ACC) designated skills and course prerequisites.

Math intensive majors (including STEM fields in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are expected to begin math preparation immediately upon enrollment, and all students are encouraged to begin their math preparation immediately upon enrollment.

Students enrolled in developmental education must meet with their advisor each semester in order to register, and only after review of their progress in successfully completing their Education Plan.

Students are expected to remain continuously enrolled in developmental education courses until they successfully complete the sequence and/or pass the college credit co-required class. Students who interrupt their developmental education enrollment will be required to meet with an advisor to determine the most appropriate educational path forward.

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