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Test Cloning Procedure for Special Testing Situations

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NOTE: For non-emergency period testing, this process has been replaced with Allow Students to Take Exams with a Remote 3rd-party Proctor.

Please follow these step-by-step instructions to clone your existing tests in Blackboard and make them available to your students:

  1. With your Blackboard course open, in the left-hand column under Course Management, expand Course Tools, select Tests, Surveys, and Pools, and then click Tests.
  2. Select the chevron that appears to the right of the test name, then select Copy from that dropdown menu.  This will duplicate the exam with the same settings and questions. A teal banner will appear, notifying that the copy was a success.
  3. Return to the home page of your Blackboard course. From the course menu or content area, select the menu item or folder that contains the links to your exams (e.g., Unit 1 Exams, Chapter 2 Tests, etc).  Under the Assessments dropdown menu, click Test.dropdown in assessments highlighting Test
  4. On the next page, below Add Test, find the name of the cloned test (denoted by the number 1 in parenthesis) in the window adjacent to Add an Existing Test. Select the test name and then click Submit.Add test dialogue box with test.test(1) example highlighted
  5. In the Test Options page, rename the test with a title distinct from the tests your students would generally take in the ACC Testing Center.  Apply the necessary deadlines and testing instructions you would require for the normal version of the test.

Once you have completed this process, your remote students will now be able to take their exams through a third party proctor or by using Respondus Lockdown Browser with Respondus Monitor.  We suggest that you provide instructions to your students on which exam to click on based on whether they are a regular student or if they are testing remotely through Distance & Alternative Learning.  You can also place the cloned tests in a folder, use the Adaptive Release option and assign students who can access the content of the folder which prevents other students from clicking on the wrong test.

To make your tests available, please review Test Availability Instructions for Online Exams.

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