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Start Here. Get There.

Thousands of Central Texas success stories begin right here. You can make your educational and career goals a reality too. Austin Community College (ACC) offers the support, resources, and affordable options to help you get anywhere you want to go. Visit the Austin Community College website to get started.


A Message from the Chancellor

Welcome to Austin Community College. You’re taking a step toward your future, and I’m honored you’ve chosen ACC for your journey. We are here to support you each step of the way. Your time here should be fulfilling and set you on a path toward a rewarding and lasting career.

Our faculty and staff are committed to your success, whether you’re learning virtually or in-person. For those of you taking classes online, staying connected is key. I encourage you to reach out to your professors and your classmates. You’ll find a network of like minds and support.

As an ACC Riverbat, you have access to our full suite of personal, financial, and academic support services to help you balance life, work, and school. We offer free tutoring, academic coaching, advising, library services, and more. When life gets busy and complicated, we also offer child care services, emergency financial support, and food pantries on campus. These support programs are the cornerstone to a successful college journey.


Your time here should be a rewarding one. I invite you to ask questions and get involved. Explore student government or Student Life and take part in activities.

We’re excited to have you at ACC and look forward to celebrating your next transition – from student to ACC graduate.

Welcome to Riverbat Nation.



Dr. Richard Rhodes (bio)