All video content migrated from VidGrid is now accessible in Panopto. When you log into Panopto and navigate to your My Folder, you will see a folder called “VidGrid Migrations.” This folder contains all of the videos and subfolders that were included in the migration process. It is important to note that only the video owners have access to the migrated content at this time. If VidGrid videos were shared among multiple users, consider creating Shared Folders or Departments (see below).

Panopto Shared Folders

For those videos that are intended to be shared among a group of ACC users (employees, staff, students), Panopto supports the creation of shared folders. These folders can be created on request (via Mojo) and set up to only be accessible by specific individuals.

Please Note: Shared Folders are not intended for sharing with specific students via Blackboard. To share Panopto content with a Blackboard course section, please make use of the Panopto/Blackboard integration.

Panopto Departments

In addition to Shared Folders, Panopto also supports the creation and use of Departments. Departments are similar to a YouTube Channel in that they can be accessible by anyone (internal and external to ACC) based on the goals of the Department.

If you have questions or need support with replacing VidGrid links/embeds, please contact:

Phone: 512.223.0111 (M-F: 8am-5pm)



Or contact a Distance Education (DE) Instructional Designer or email