ACC Fire Training Academy Handbook


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Welcome to the Austin Community College Fire Training Academy (ACCFTA) Handbook. Please use this as a reference guide for Cadet (student) success. It includes important information about physical requirements, background checks, dress codes and more.

This Handbook is an addendum to the Austin Community College (ACC) Catalog and Student Handbook and is required by the ACCFTA to cover specific requirements for Cadets training while enrolled in the ACCFTA. The Cadet should seek clarification from the ACCFTA Director for any questions not covered in this handbook.

NOTE: The ACCFTA is a Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP) approved and certified training facility. TCFP sets minimum standards for training to become certified as a Basic Structure Fire Protection Personnel. Any persons seeking to become certified as a firefighter in the state of Texas must meet the requirements set forth by TCFP IAW with the Texas Administrative Code, Title 37, Part 13, Chapter 423, Subchapter A, Rule §423.3. These standards require the ACCFTA to maintain policies and procedures that in many situations exceed those normally associated with the ACC Catalog and Student Handbook.