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Adding VoiceThread to Your Course

VoiceThread is a collaborative Web 2.0 tool allowing users to create, share, and comment on images, websites, documents, and videos.

To add VoiceThread to your Blackboard course you first will need the tool inside your course. In the Course Management section, go to Customization, then select Tool Availability.

Screenshot displaying arrows pointing to "Customization" and "Tool Availabilty" options.

Scroll down to VoiceThread and make sure it is checked.VoiceThread tool option and check box to enable in course.

Next, add your VoiceThread to an existing content area or create one if an appropriate area is not already available.

Add Content Area
  1. Make sure Edit Mode is toggled to ON.
  2. Click the Add Menu Item icon.
  3. Select Content Area.

Blackboard course main page, with arrows pointing to Edit Mode toggle, Add Menu Item icon, and Content Area

Name the Content Area VoiceThread or whatever is relevant to your course content.  Make sure to check Available to Users, then click Submit.Add Content Area Naming Field and Available to Users check box.

Now the VoiceThread Content Area appears in the navigation pane.VoiceThread Content Area in Navigation Pane

  1. Open the VoiceThread Content Area.
  2. Click the Build Content tab.
  3. Select VoiceThread from the Create column in the drop-down menu.

VoiceThread Content Area, with arrows indicating Build Content tab, and drop-down menu.

Once the VoiceThread link has been successfully added to your Content Area, select and edit any relevant options within the Configure Tool (description, personal data, custom parameters, services, groups). After customizing the VoiceThread options, click Submit.

VoiceThread Configure Tool with options.

The Content Area will refresh, with the VoiceThread link added below.

VoiceThread Content Area with new link created within.

Click the new VoiceThread link to open the application within Blackboard. Initially, login information will need to be provided. Once logged in, the VoiceThread Setup menu will appear as below.

VoiceThread Setup Screen/Menu.

Select Individual VT from the VoiceThread Setup screen and either choose a preexisting VoiceThread file or create one anew. The existing file, Beagle Project, is selected below."Beagle Project" file on VoiceThread screen.

Once selected, click Share with Class, then click Return to Course.

Now, when you or your students click the VoiceThread link, your presentation opens.

For more information visit the VoiceThread for Instructors page.

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Updated on June 1, 2021

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