Texas Coreq Project Summer Webinar Learning Series:  Collaborative Learning for Virtual Corequisites

Friday, 6/26   1:00-2:30pm

Hosted by Carmen McCullough, Kelly Greenwood, and Colleen HoskingMath faculty, Austin Community College

Corequisite courses can benefit by retaining collaborative learning when transitioning to the online environment.  Participants in this session will see how to establish a successful group dynamic on Day 1, experience how to utilize features of breakout rooms in online platforms such as Zoom, and collaborate with other instructors on ways to implement the tools in their own courses.

Early Findings from a Randomized Control Trial of Corequisites in Texas Community Colleges, April 2019

The Texas Corequisite Project hosted the webinar “Early Findings from a Randomized Control Trial of Corequisites in Texas Community Colleges”. The study was conducted by Trey Miller with the American Institutes for Research (AIR) and Lindsay Daugherty with Rand Education. It provides insights into the implementation, impact, and student experiences in corequisites. Overall, there were positive outcomes across corequisite models and student groups. In particular there was a positive impact on underserved populations, completion of ENGL 1301, and two-year transfer rates. You may download a copy of the presentation here.

The Texas Corequisite Project is working with Rand Education and AIR on a Continuous Improvement Toolkit that will be released May 28. All Texas colleges and universities are encouraged to download the Toolkit and use it as needed for their individual institutional work in corequisite education.

Supporting Continuous Improvement for Texas Corequisites Webinar, March 2019

Download a copy of this presentation here

The Texas Corequisite Project hosted the webinar “Supporting Continuous Improvement for Texas Corequisites” presented with our colleagues at Rand Education.  It provides an overview of continuous improvement and its value for building effective corequisites. Continuous improvement is an intentional, structured, and ongoing process that helps institutions of higher education to:

  • set goals around program quality
  • identify and gather data to be used in examining programs
  • identify ways to improve the quality of programs, and
  • evaluate the changes that are implemented.

As we all seek to provide effective corequisites for our students, a clearly defined and articulated plan for continuous improvement will be key to success.

Texas Corequisite Project Introductory Webinar, October 2018


For questions or additional information, please contact the Texas Corequisites Project at txcoreqs@austincc.edu or (512) 223-7965