Helping students succeed in Texas colleges and universities using corequisites

The Texas Corequisite Project is tasked to offer statewide professional development opportunities & events beginning with a survey to better understand all stakeholders needs, and a Directory of innovative practices and research for Texas college and university faculty and administrators who are involved in the implementation and scaling of the corequisite model under the HB2223 passed by the 85th Legislature.

The Texas Corequisite Project is funded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and sponsored by Austin Community College, Austin Texas.

A corequisite model is an instructional strategy whereby undergraduate students who are not certified as college-ready under the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) are co-enrolled or concurrently enrolled in a developmental education course or non-course-based option (NCBO) and the entry-level, credit course within the same semester.

The developmental component provides support aligned directly with the learning outcomes, instruction, and assessment of the entry-level credit course, and makes necessary adjustments as needed in order to advance students’ success in the entry-level course.

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