Teaching & Learning Champions are faculty and staff who contribute to student learning (Guided Pathways Essential Practice #4). We share their stories to celebrate their dedication to instructional excellence & innovation in a series of spotlight articles. #ACCExcellence

Meet Hope Watson, TLED’s New Technical Writing/Web Intern!

Three words that describe you?

Curious, pragmatic, open-minded.

How do you support faculty at ACC?

I serve as a junior web editor for the Faculty Communications team, assist the Web Content Strategist, and review web page functionality and accessibility. I support faculty access to the Teaching & Learning Excellence Division (TLED) website. The website provides access to communications, professional development programs, and other resources to support faculty, so they can best serve their students.

Why are you proud to work at ACC?

I’m proud to work for an institution that values equal access to quality education.

What do you geek out about?

I could geek out about rock climbing, science fiction, and traveling for hours.

What book would you recommend that everyone read?

I would recommend Man’s Search for Meaning. It’s a memoir written by psychiatrist and holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl, who shares his philosophy on how finding some kind of purpose can help one overcome both everyday and challenging circumstances.

Connect with Hope via email: hope.watson@austincc.edu

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