Welcome and best wishes for a great semester from Student Accessibility Services!  (SAS).

The information below regarding accommodations and testing for SAS students will help you and your students have a successful semester.

SAS campus contacts will be happy to assist you should you have questions at any point during the semester. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to support you!

For additional resources, please visit TLED > Accessibility

Notice of Approved Accommodations (Accommodation Letter):  

  • Students who have been approved for classroom accommodations will provide you with a Notice of Approved Accommodations (NAA), commonly called an accommodation letter.  The letter will list the accommodations that have been approved by SAS. 
  • Accommodations are approved based on the student’s request, documented disability(s), discussion with the student and course content delivery methods. Adjustments in accommodations may be made over the course of the semester.  The student will provide you with an updated letter if accommodations are added or removed.  See a sample Notice of Approved Accommodations at the end of this memo.
  • While SAS encourages students to provide you with their NAA at the beginning of the semester, they may choose to give you their NAA at any point during the semester.  You are obliged to provide the accommodations outlined in the letter only after the student has notified you, via the letter, that they are eligible for accommodations.  Note that accommodations cannot be approved or provided for retroactively. 
  • If you have questions about the approved accommodations for a student in your class, please contact the Accessibility Advocate listed above ‘Approved by’ line on the NAA or email SAS@austincc.edu
  • If you decide to make an academic accommodation or adjustment not listed on the accommodation letter, please only do so if you will offer the same adjustment to all students in your class.

Should a student notify you that he/she has a disability, requests accommodations, or attempts to provide you with documentation of a disability, please refer the student to SAS for assistance.

Note Taking Support:

  • For “note taking support” you will receive an email from SAS with further information on how to facilitate  this accommodation and to determine what type of support the student may need for your class.
  • ACC is offering students a web-based application called Glean.  Students with “Note Taking Support – Glean” on their accommodation letters>will use a laptop or their phone in order to use the app.

Please see the next page for information about accommodated testing procedures.

Testing Accommodations

Testing accommodations are administered by each campus academic testing center.

Students with the accommodations listed below are required to schedule appointments to test at least five (5) business days in advance. Once the student schedules their testing appointment, SASTest@austincc.edu will contact you to secure a copy of the exam, provide you with the location of the exam and gather instructions for test administration.  Please respond in a timely manner to our request.

Instructor receives email from SASTest@austincc.edu if accommodations include any of the following:

  • Your test, quiz, or exam must be timed
  • >Magnifiers (CCTV, JAWS, ZoomText/Fusion, etc.)
  • Kurzweil/Text to Speech
  • Live reader/scribe needed
  • Enlarged font, alternative format for printed exams
  • Use of Speech Recognition software
  • Reduced distraction testing environment
  • Other accommodations that require SAS make the test accessible for the student

Instructor submits test directly to the Testing Center if accommodations include any or all of the following:

  • Extended testing time
  • Breaks during exams 
  • Drinks/snacks
  • Sunglasses/Colored Tinted Glasses
  • Headphones (not plugged into anything)
  • Instructor approved open book/notes/note cards
  • Medical devices (oxygen, insulin pump, etc.)
  • Computer for essay exams

Please submit the test and the testing center transmittal indicating “SAS Test Only” and list of approved accommodations per the Notice of Approved Accommodations directly to the Testing/Assessment Center.

Extended Time as the students’ only testing accommodation:

Submit to SAS – If the only approved testing accommodation is Extended Time – time and a half, double time, or triple time and your test must be timed, the student must make an appointment with SAS.  SASTest@austincc.edu will email you to secure a copy of the test. 

Submit to Testing/Assessment Center – If the only approved testing accommodation is Extended Time – time and a half, double time, or triple time and your test does not need to be timed, please submit all testing materials to the Testing/Assessment Center with a Testing Center Transmittal.