The Academic Support Services Division of Student Affairs cordially invites all Austin Community College faculty and staff to participate in the Spring 2022 virtual conference, Equity-Minded Practices to Support Student Readiness, to be held Friday, March 25.

The conference will focus on being student-ready and boosting students’ readiness, as we examine the diverse ways students learn, engage, and persist. Sessions will explore how students’ needs, expectations, experiences, and ways of learning shape our interactions with them. We are seeking proposals that emphasize equity-minded practices for tutoring, advising, and coaching to ensure the Academic Support Services team is prepared to meet the needs of the Riverbat community.

The virtual conference will offer content-related workshops, round-table discussions, and multimedia presentations. We invite you to share your expertise!

Linked here, please find the Call for Proposals form to submit a presentation proposal. A printer-friendly version is also available for your convenience, but please submit final proposals via the electronic form. If you need additional information, you can find the latest updates at or you may contact us at

Please submit your proposal by Friday, January 28, 2022. We look forward to hearing from you soon!