Dear Faculty,

As the fall semester winds down, we wanted to say thank you for all of your efforts to remind students to get registered for the spring semester! As you know, enrollment for the spring semester is down. However, thanks to our combined efforts across the college, we have seen a significant improvement in enrollment numbers. Again, thank you for your help. Together, we are making a difference.

We are still down about 5%, so we greatly appreciate your continued support. If you haven’t already, please send your students one final nudge before the end of the semester.

Finally, in response to the feedback and analytics received from the Blackboard pop-up notification, we wanted to remind you that you have the ability to adjust pop-up notifications on your account. If you would like to turn off a notification, please check “Don’t show this again” in the bottom, left corner. See the example below:

Thank you again and have a great break!

Student Affairs