We asked these ACC faculty “What is it like to teach online in the ACCelerator?”

Dr. Samantha Ackers, Instructor, English Composition I
Lance Erickson, Professor, Mathematics, College Algebra
Don Jonsson, Professor, Geography

Here’s what they said…

How is teaching online in the ACCelerator different from teaching from your home/office?

Samantha: After teaching my classes online in the comfort of my home/office for over 20 months, I am thrilled to have this resource… Having the Techs on site to help with issues is the best benefit… Also, the fast internet speed helps me move from Blackboard to Youtube with quickness…

Lance: Teaching at home has the advantage of convenience. But using the set up I have at the accelerator allows me to teach using the smart board and it’s tools which I would not have at home. Additionally, if a student needs that “in person” touch they can sit and take notes in person as if they were in the normal classroom.

Don: The faculty support is excellent in the ACCelerator! There are 1-3 computer techs available to help you set up online classes & troubleshoot computer problems before & during class.

Tell us about the ACCelerator teaching technology. How has it enhanced your online teaching experience?

Lance: I am currently using the smart board with additional camera/mic, mouse and keyboard. There were a few kinks but the staff are very helpful and problem-solved all the issues.

Don: The students are bigger & more visible on the Smartboard computer screen and that seems to enhance the online teaching experience. You can write on the Smartboard & it’s visible to the online students.

Samantha: My class is more engaged and feels more comfortable receiving the information through such sophisticated formats.

What do you enjoy about this new teaching format?

Lance: I like the ability for students to be able to be in person or learn virtually with the added benefit that they have the lesson recorded in the virtual classroom. I also enjoy using the whiteboard for notes as it feels more natural than writing on a plastic tablet (like I would otherwise use) and I am standing and moving more akin to the natural teaching experience.

Samantha: I really enjoy the ease of teaching in the ACCelerator and working with the Awesome Staff at the Rock [Round Rock].

Teach in the ACCelerators

ACCelerators offer ACC faculty & staff with the technology, equipment, resources, training, and support in a comfortable and flexible space needed to provide excellent online instruction.

Faculty can choose to teach from any of the ACCelerator locations at Highland, Round Rock, and San Gabriel campuses.