Respondus has released a completed app for Chromebook owners to take Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor exams on. This has been activated by IT and is now available for all ACC courses. No additional settings adjustments are necessary in your test settings to activate this.

Please be aware that the released version of the app has the following current limitations:

  • Quiz passwords (specified via the “optional password” field in the LockDown Browser Dashboard) are not currently supported for exams that use only LockDown Browser. For exams requiring Respondus Monitor, the optional password field is supported.
  • LockDown Browser’s Calculator and Spreadsheet features are not currently supported.
  • The extended keyboard functions (for adding symbols and special characters) are not currently available.
  • LockDown Browser’s “Help Center” is currently unavailable.
  • “Allow access to specific external web domains” option is not currently supported.
  • Access to the app may be limited for some ACC students, specifically Dual Credit students whose Chromebook was issued to them by their school district. Distance Education is currently working with the Dual Credit office to address this limitation.

Students may download the Chromebook version of Respondus here: