Aaron DelgadoMeet Aaron Delgado, Adjunct Associate Professor of Mathematics!

Which courses do you teach?  

I teach College Algebra, College Mathematics, College Algebra for Precalculus, and Math for Business and Economics.

What are three words to describe you? 

Three words that describe me are trustworthy, passionate, optimistic.

ACC values diversity, equity, and inclusion. As an instructor, how do you create a classroom culture that intentionally welcomes and supports students from different racial/ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds?

I create a classroom culture that intentionally welcomes and supports students from different backgrounds by sharing some of myself and my life and encouraging others to do so as well.

What kinds of hobbies and interests do you enjoy outside of work?

My hobbies and interests are programming, game development, and logic puzzles.

Talk about a teacher who had a big impact on your life.

My Algebra 2 teacher in high school had a big impact on my life as he allowed me to one day teach the entire class on complex numbers even though at the time I wanted to be a software engineer!

What is one thing you think every ACC professor should do in their classroom?

I believe every ACC professor should do this one thing in their classroom: incorporate technology as much as possible to make the material exciting and interactive because most students, if not all, are visual learners and want to be engaged.

I love working at ACC because… 

There has always been a great support system for me as a Deaf employee/professor to thrive in my profession.

Connect with Aaron via email: aaron.delgado@austincc.edu

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