Teaching & Learning Champions are faculty & staff who contribute to student learning (Guided Pathways Essential Practice #4). We share their stories to celebrate their dedication to instructional excellence & innovation in a series of spotlight articles. #ACCExcellence

Don ArntzMeet Don Arntz, TLED’s Faculty Instructional Support Specialist!

Tell us a little bit about what you do!

Normally I would be providing instructional support at the San Gabriel Campus. Because of the pandemic, I have been supporting faculty and staff remotely by answering questions about online learning tools (such as Blackboard). Because ACC had to rapidly transition to online instruction, it is important for me to provide meaningful help connecting faculty and students during this difficult time.

Three words that best describe you?

Quirky, introverted, lefthanded.

Share about your educational background.

I have a BA in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of Southern Mississippi. Due to it being a time of transition to digital media, I was able to learn how to operate both traditional film cameras and their digital counterparts. I am always trying to learn new skills, be it stereography, blacksmithing, or vintage Vespa scooter repair.

What is the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

The University of Texas School of Public Health used to pay me to frequent night clubs around major cities and college areas in Texas to count the number of tobacco users.

What book would you recommend that everyone read?

“Confederacy of Dunces” by American novelist John Kennedy Toole. In the words of Wikipedia, “it is considered a canonical work of modern literature of the Southern United States.” Aside from it being a very entertaining farce, it is a fairly accurate portrayal of the New Orleans that once was.

Connect with Don via email: don.arntz@austincc.edu

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