Dear TLED Team,

Thank you for joining Monday’s virtual “ALL-TLED Meeting” focused on the culture of care and featuring our guest presenters, Patricia Hayes Workman and Brad Phillips.  We hope you have some take-aways that will support your personal and professional well-being and help us continuously improve the work we undertake daily in the name of student success, and as we align our work with the college’s Academic Master Plan.

Here are a few follow-up notes to share –

“It’s time to prepare for a different normal. Focusing on seven business imperatives can help organizations build strategies to address new challenges that come in the wake of COVID-19.”

  • TLED Team Theme Songs A Collaborative Playlist from your responses to Patricia’s question; “If you had a theme song, what would it be?”

  • Below you will find links to the books that were referenced by the presenters and which you may be interested in reading. We are fortunate that some of these are available in the library as eBooks. Consider reading them for professional development credit, in a reading circle or book clubs to discuss with colleagues.

Particia Hayes’ book recommendations:

ACC Libraries have the following titles as Ebooks:

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

o The Gifts of Imperfection by Dr. Brene’ Brown

o   Rising Strong by Dr. Brene’ Brown

ACC Libraries have the following titles in print at the campuses noted by each. These will be available once the libraries physically open again:

o   Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend (South Austin)

Rising Strong  by Dr. Brene’ Brown (Eastview)

o   The Gifts of Imperfection  by Dr. Brene’ Brown (Round Rock)

o   What Successful People Know About Leadership by John Maxwell

o   The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield

Brad Phillips’ book recommendations:

Faculty Development has the following title in print. These will be available once the libraries physically open again:

o   The Course Syllabus: A Learning-Centered Approach by Judith Grunert O’Brien, Barbara J. Millis, Margaret W. Cohen

I will work with the Library to purchase copies of these books:

o   Demographics and the Demand for Higher Education by Nathan D. Grawe

o   Creating a Data-Informed Culture in Community Colleges: A New Model for Educators by Brad C. Phillips and Jordan E. Horowitz

o   An early adopter college has seen in-class retention rates improve for all student demographic groups, reaching and staying at 96% over time with no equity gaps. Term-to-term persistence rates increased 15% and graduation rates increased by 110% in three years.

o   A college in the early stages of its Bright Spots program is already showing an increase of 24 percentage points in term-to-term persistence rates.

o   A college addressing equity gaps achieved course success rate increases for all groups after only one year of implementation.

  • Session Recordings & Related Material

Why Self-Care Matters to Professionals by Patricia V. Hayes

o   Why Self-Care Matters Presentation

The Daily Deposit Accountability Tool

EmpoweredYOU Weekly Checklist

o   Culture of Care in the Digital World by Brad Phillips

o   The Culture of Care Presentation

  • Follow-up conversations to have in your departments

o   How do we build a culture of care within TLED?

o   How do we support a culture of care across the college?

I also want to take time to acknowledge the contributions of :

  • Michelle for helping to facilitate and manage both of the sessions on Monday. In particular the seamless conversion from Zoom to Collaborate.  Also for providing prep and training to the Presenters.

  • Balan, Ethan, and Matt in supporting all of the technical needs, changes and features of the conferencing tools.

  • Emile for all of the logistical communication with the presenters and TLED.

  • Courtney for all of the informational communication with TLED.

  • Miguel for supporting logistics and communication reminders to me.

  • Chelsea for making the playlist of TLED theme songs

  • Steve for researching which books were available in the ACC Library.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for the AMAZING job you have done to help our faculty keep teaching and our students keep learning in this time of change and uncertainty.  Despite some continued unknowns, we are working together to provide the best possible service and resources while we maintain flexibility.

In closing, I would like to share this video I saw recently to provide additional perspective on the impact of COVID-19. Be excited for next 10 years (nas daily official)

I look forward to greater and broader engagement in the coming months as we navigate the virtual environment and gradually reintroduce the new F2F norms.

All the best,

With heartfelt thanks,


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Susan M. Thomason, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President, TLED

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