From ACC Faculty: Virtual Whiteboard SolutionsWe understand that teaching virtually is not the same as walking around the classroom, and writing on a whiteboard or even a chalkboard (yes there are still classrooms with them!). Though we have the benefit of not worrying if we have an Expo marker or piece of chalk during our class, we do have other challenges when transferring the way we teach from the physical classroom to the virtual one. We have been collecting virtual whiteboard solutions from colleagues who have found a way to make this work from home for them.  Hopefully one of these solutions would be a good fit for you as well!

Contributions from Colleagues: 

Using an iPad for Drawing in BB Collaborate Ultra- Connect to your Collaborate session as the moderator on your PC or Mac, then connect to your Collaborate session through the Participant/guest link on your iPad and use your camera to project your drawing.

Shared By: Amy Hopkins, Adjunct Professor of Fashion Design

Using an iPad and Computer in Webex Meetings- Doing this will allow one to easily write on the whiteboard (a function built into WebEx) while maintaining the ability to easily monitor one’s chat, attendees, and camera. No need to have to switch back and forth.

Visit this link where you will find step by step instructions on how to use iPad & PC with Webex meeting. 

Shared By: TLED’s Faculty Instructional Support Specialists

Google Jamboard- a virtual whiteboard program

What is Google Jamboard?  Video

“Not only can you write on it using any device, you can also enable students to draw on it too for collaborative activities. It autosaves and is easy to share too. I use it with my iPad and desktop computer.” 

Shared by: Daniel Usera, Associate Professor, Communication Studies Department

Explain Everything- Whiteboard

Test it out HERE

“I heard about Explain Everything at the Lynda conference. It’s pretty cool and has a whiteboard feature plus recording.”

Shared by: Lola Watson, Adjunct Professor of English 

Using Preview on a Mac- the default built-in PDF reader

“I can draw lines on figures I’ve saved as PDFs (or on a blank PDF page) in any line thickness and any color. The lines are easy to remove as well — just click on one and hit delete.”

“A great feature for me (teaching using maps or other figures) is that you can allow Preview to automatically straighten the lines (or smooth the curves) that I drew clumsily with my mouse, if that’s what you need. Or you can tell Preview to leave them squiggly as you drew them.”

Shared by: Meredith Denton-Hedrick, Adjunct Professor of Geology and Faculty Mentor

Low Tech Options- best for using a virtual classroom platform where you can videotape yourself teaching utilizing a dry erase board.

“Consider getting a tabletop Easel Pad w/ Dry Erase Panel. One side is self-stick flip chart paper and one side is dry erase.” Find it on Amazon or check out this desktop whiteboard on Amazon.

Shared by: Cynthia Cantu, Specialist, Senior Advising, Department of Adult Education

“If your home office has a bare wall consider getting a whiteboard to hang up and have it feel like you are back in the classroom lecturing.” Find one on Amazon

Shared by: Bill Cheek, Adjunct Professor of Chemistry

“My kids have been using paint pens to draw on the windows when we run out of activities. You could put white paper on the outside of the window and use erasable glass pens (similar to whiteboard markers, but made for writing on glass) to get a whiteboard effect.”

Shared by: Lola Watson, Adjunct Professor of English

We encourage you to share with us your experiences utilizing an option shared above or let us know of any other solutions you have done that you would like to share with others. 

Thank you and high fives to you all! Keep Teaching ACC!

Michelle Fitzpatrick

Assistant Dean, Faculty Development

Hospitality Professor