ACC faculty: you’ve had to get creative with your instruction now that it’s transitioned online. We know you’ve been hustling – learning new technologies, checking in on vulnerable students, and generally just finding ways to make this all work – during a crisis, nonetheless. We want to showcase and celebrate what you’ve been up to in a video series we’ll share with students, but we need your help!

The video(s) we create together will be shared in collegewide communications and promotions for registration. Here are all the details for how to be a part of this video highlight.

  1. Simply send a short video recording to about your experience teaching online.
    1. This could be as simple as a mock-lecture, could show how you’ve gotten creative with a makeshift “whiteboard” at home, or even give a sample of how you’re continuing to show students how to dance/cook/do lab experiments at home etc. online OR
    2. Give us an anecdote of how you’ve been surprised by teaching and learning outcomes in this new mode of operating OR
    3. Tell us about some new tech or tools you’ve had to employ and have been pleasantly surprised by how effective they are.
  2. Include your name & title at ACC as you’d like it to be displayed on the video.

Deadline: Wednesday, April 29th at 11:59 pm

Video Tips

Take these tips with a grain of salt, we’re all working from home, so we know production value won’t be tip-top, but these can help a bit!

  • Share the original video file. No need to upload to YouTube or make any edits! Just send the original video file our way. If it’s too large as an email attachment, share as a Google Drive file.
  • Film horizontally. If you’re using your webcam, this shouldn’t be an issue, but be mindful if you’re using a phone!
  • Use headphones. Audio tends to work best when you’re speaking into headphone microphones (like earbuds) and they have the added bonus of blocking out background noise.
  • Choose a well-lit space. Sit facing a window or set up a lamp behind your camera to avoid shadows on your face. Increasing the brightness on your computer screen also helps with this!
  • Get consent. If you happen to have students in your video, they’ll need to complete a consent form for the college to use their image.

Here’s a sample of what your video could look like: 

Teaching biology using our shower as a whiteboard