Rebel Sandersby Rebel Sanders, Associate Professor of Biology

My experience in the Globalizing Curriculum FLC has been informative, motivating, and given me a sense of community with my fellow FLC members.  I knew I was interested in the concept of incorporating global studies into my courses but was not expecting the variety of speakers and the value of sharing ideas for feedback and encouragement from my colleagues, especially those from other departments.  Feedback from those who are not actively immersed in a particular course has provided me with a different perspective and ways of modifying my own course that I’m not sure I would have thought of myself.  

One of the courses I teach often is integrated Biology Fundamentals and Anatomy & Physiology I.  Since almost all of these students are planning to enter the field of healthcare, I want to make sure they have an understanding of how medical treatment looks around the world, how diseases or disorders affect different populations world-wide, and contributions to the field from countries other than the United States.  Additionally, I want my students to leave my course with an understanding of how minority groups within the U.S. have different healthcare experiences, and how to combat this by being welcoming and inclusive in their future careers. My FLC project has been to add elements to this course in order to work towards these goals. I began adding these global study elements this spring and though still in the beginning stages, I am optimistic about the results. 

If you are considering applying to join a FLC, please know that the extra time spent is well worth the effort!  You will gain diverse perspectives from both guest speakers and your colleagues, have continuous encouragement and excitement for your project, and hopefully, make some new friends in the process.

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