Dear Colleagues, 

I am pleased to announce our Spring 2020 Great Questions Faculty Training Seminars. The goal of the faculty seminar is to prepare qualified faculty to teach HUMA 1301: The Great Questions Seminar student success course as well as to help faculty develop and deepen the practice and skills required to lead engaging discussion-based courses focused on core-texts. Like the course itself, sessions are discussion-based, collaborative and enriching. Faculty participants will be paid $600 for their full participation in the faculty training seminars. 

Spring 2020 Faculty Training Sessions


6 Wednesdays at HLC from 8pm – 10pm, beginning January 29 and ending March 4


6 Thursdays at HLC from 8am – 10am, beginning January 30 and ending March 5

Depending upon which is most popular 


6 Fridays at HLC from 10am – 12pm, beginning January 31 and ending March 6 ← this one will definitely happen. 

We will accept letters of interest until January 6. Faculty selected for Spring 2020 seminars will be notified by January 10. We will run at least one Summer 2020 training seminar, which we will wait to schedule until faculty have their Summer teaching schedules. So, if Spring will not work for you, please still fill out the form below if you’d like to be considered for the Spring. 


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Please visit our new website to learn more about Great Questions at ACC. 

My best, 


Ted Hadzi-Antich Jr
Department Chair/Associate Professor, Government
Austin Community College