Greetings, TLED Team!

A busy semester is underway and TLED is working diligently to manage and coordinate talent/employee changes. My communication to you this week relates to TLED personnel with highlights of new employees, positions posted, and status of hires. Through continuous review of area needs since our merger in 2016, we have been able to analyze each vacancy and determine future requirements to support the changes driven by Guided Pathways. Our division merged areas of common purpose in support of instruction to form what we now call the Teaching and Learning Excellence Division, aligning communication, services, technology, resources and talent. This has allowed our division to be flexible in support of the college’s strategic planning efforts and address shifts in skills needed as our work environments evolve.

TLED managers have the responsibility to practice personnel planning for the sake of the organization and to support employee needs. We want to ensure there is a high level of job satisfaction, employee development, team building and ample engagement. Our goal is to manage attrition and turnover in such a way that the organization and the employees are both supported.

Change towards improvements will continue to be a constant for TLED to ensure we meet the needs and demands of our student success efforts, and we operate with the highest levels of customer service, state-of-the-art technology, stewardship of resources and focus on servant leadership. Below is a brief quote I wrote years ago that seems appropriate to share in this message.

Change that brings peace is uplifting – whether change that we choose to make, or change that comes as a challenge to our perfect world.

I tend to thrive on change, though I know some struggle with it. Acceptance is half the test. Making change an opportunity is the other half.  

Below is the current list of personnel updates for our Division. Additional updates will be shared on an ongoing basis.

New to TLED

Corin Caridine – Manager of Instructional Web (replaces Robert Ferguson)
Reports to Matt Evins, Director of Instructional Technology and Digital Resources
Office at HBC

Emile Chamoun-Farah – Administrative Assistant III (replaces Karen Prill)
Reports to me in the interim
Office at HBC

Jeremy Donald – Faculty Librarian (replaces Teresa Ashley)
Reports to Jennifer Weber, Head Librarian NRG
Office at NRG

Zoe Heinsohn – Library Assistant (replaces Morgan Wilkins)
Reports to Keri Moczygemba, Head Librarian, HYS
Office at HYS

Position Change – not new to TLED, but new to position

Amanda Winograd – Faculty Librarian (replaces Cary Sowell)
Reports to Margaret Peloquin, Head Librarian, EVC
Office at EVC

Christina McCourt – Faculty Librarian, 50% (new from LS funds conversion)
Reports to Irena Klaic, Head Librarian, RVS
Office at RVS
Starts 09/20/2019


Coordinator, Instructional Technology Projects
Reports to Matt Evins, Director of Instructional Technology and Digital Resources

In Process

Currently reviewing applications for Administrative Assistant II
Reports to Michelle Fitzpatrick, Assistant Dean of Faculty Development
Office at HBC

Currently reviewing applications for Senior Library Specialist, Acquisitions
Reports to Linda Barr, Head Librarian, TSLA
Office at RGC Parking Garage


Faculty Librarian, 50% (new from LS funds conversion)
Reports to Jennifer Weber, Head Librarian, NRG

Library Assistant (replaces Christina McCourt)
Reports to Carrie Gits, Head Librarian, HLC
Director of Faculty Communications
Reports to me

Coordinator of Faculty Development
Reports to Michelle Fitzpatrick, Assistant Dean of Faculty Development

Faculty Librarian, 50% (replaces Amanda Winograd)
Reports to Sheila Ross Henderson, Head Librarian, RRC

Senior Library Assistant (replaces Sara Casselberry)
Reports to Irena Klaic, Head Librarian, RVS

Manager of Instructional Video
Reports to Matt Evins, Director of Instructional Technology and Digital Resources

Reporting Changes

Following the departure of Chantae Recasner, Dean of Instructional Development, in the interim we will have the following reporting changes:

  • Denise Robledo – Will report to me in the interim
  • Raja Faris – Will report to me in the interim
  • Rene Renteria – Will report to Matt Evins in the interim
Terry Barksdale, Head Librarian at CYP Campus – through December 2019
Temporarily reassigned to support the Teaching and Learning Academy as Course Developer.
Terry supports Gale Spear, Faculty Lead of TLA, and reports to Michelle Fitzpatrick.

New Opportunities – Extending our gratitude and well wishes on future endeavors –

  • Chantae Recasner accepted a new opportunity outside of ACC. She served the college through her work with Instructional Design, Faculty Support, Faculty Development, Faculty Evaluation and Equity in Faculty Hiring.
  • Teresa Ashley retired this summer after 30 years of services as Faculty Librarian at the Northridge Campus and serving as the Diversity Facilitator for Library Services.
  • Cary Sowell retired this summer after 45 years of service as Faculty Librarian at various campuses including Ridgeview, Rutherford, NRG, EVC. Cary also served as the SACS Coordinator during one of our reaffirmation visits.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or the direct managers over noted positions in this message.

Thank you all for your commitment to student success –

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Susan M. Thomason, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President, TLED

Austin Community College District

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