Teaching & Learning Champions are faculty & staff who contribute to student learning (Guided Pathways Essential Practice #4). We share their stories to celebrate their dedication to instructional excellence & innovation in a series of spotlight articles. #ACCExcellence

Jeff JohannigmanMeet Jeff Johannigman, Faculty Development Coordinator at the Highland Business Center

Tell us a little bit about what you do!

I organize and facilitate professional development for our ACC full-time and adjunct faculty.

Three words that best describe you?

Creative, empathetic, entertaining

How do you support faculty at ACC? Why is this work important?

I support faculty by providing them with opportunities to learn more engaging and effective teaching techniques and to share best practices with other faculty members.

What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

I am a geek. I love science fiction, comic books, board games, acting, and trivia. On Thursday evenings, you will find me hosting a weekly “Geeks Who Drink” pub quiz at Third Base Southpark Meadows.

Tell us about your educational background.

Educationally, I have a split personality. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Cornell University and a Master of Arts in Human
Services from St. Edward’s University.

How long have you worked at ACC?

I have been at ACC for over three years now. Before coming to ACC, my career included stints as a Computer Game Producer, a Career Consultant, and a Human Dynamics Trainer. Oh, and I also used to work as Yogi Bear at a theme park in Ohio, which technically makes me a Professional Hugger.

How do you make learning fun and creative for students?

Having worked as a professional game designer, I believe that we learn best by playing. Teaching is not about lecturing at students from the front of the room. It is about creating engaging learning experiences for your students. Those can include thoughtful discussions, role-playing scenarios, information scavenger hunts, games, simulations, and all forms of creative expression. One of the first, most important concepts I learned when I started teaching was, “Don’t be a sage on the stage. Be a guide by their side.”

Connect with Jeff via email: jeffrey.johannigman@austincc.edu

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