Teaching & Learning Champions are faculty & staff who contribute to student learning (Guided Pathways Essential Practice #4). We share their stories to celebrate their dedication to instructional excellence & innovation in a series of spotlight articles. #ACCExcellence

Chelsea BiggerstaffMeet Chelsea Biggerstaff, Faculty Development Coordinator at the Highland Business Center

Tell us a little bit about what you do!

I work with faculty to come up with programs, retreats, ceremonies, and institutes on best teaching and learning practices to help them become better teachers!

Three words that best describe you?

Life-Long Learner

How do you support faculty at ACC? Why is this work important?

I produce quality faculty development opportunities for our faculty. I use my creativity, educational background, and positive spirit to inspire and learn from the hardworking faculty at ACC.

What is the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

I moved to Austin in 2010 to join the 4-H CAPITAL AmeriCorps crew. I was an instructional specialist leading the Urban Animal Science Program at Hart Elementary. I was in charge of teaching elementary students about urban farming and organic gardening. We had a goat pen with 7 goats behind the school. We build garden beds and a compost tumbler near the goat pen. Each day I learned something new. Having a farm with elementary students was something I didn’t know I could do but it was a blast, even if I was a little smelly at times.

Share about a teacher who had a big impact on your life.

I started taking improvisational comedy classes in 2016. I left my first class feeling like a kid again. Michael Jastroch is one of the co-founders of Coldtowne Theatre here in Austin, Texas. He was also my first teacher. In improv, you have to create something out of nothing by getting up on stage and listening and building with your partner. It is very challenging but Jastroch was such a good coach, constantly helping us get out of our heads and be present with one another. I learned that failure is necessary. It’s not something to be afraid of it is something to learn from.

What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

I have an at-home art studio with a pottery wheel & sculpture, printmaking, painting, and crafting supplies. I enjoy making art, playing video games with my boyfriend or reading a new book.

Connect with Chelsea via email: chelsea.biggerstaff@austincc.edu

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