The Teaching & Learning Excellence Division (TLED) sends a weekly newsletter each Sunday. We share professional development opportunities, ACC news, teaching resources/services, and articles about teaching & learning champions. EVERYTHING in this newsletter is relevant to the faculty experience!

This summer we spent time on our newsletter hiatus reviewing how to incorporate suggestions from our Spring survey (see details) without losing what faculty said they LOVED about our newsletter. Here’s some insight into how we’ve elevated our design and content:

Dates/Deadlines: Upcoming events, application deadlines, and professional development opportunities faculty need to know about now include short descriptions. Additionally, we’ve created a Faculty Events Google Calendar that you can overlap with your work calendar to stay informed about our new opportunities. This will always be available in our weekly newsletter.

Important ACC News: News items that are pertinent to faculty are organized in one place and keep you connected to what’s going on in the ACC community.

What We’re Reading: Articles about higher education trends and teaching excellence are curated by our TLED employees and truly are “What We’re Reading” for inspiration.

Putting this newsletter together each week is a labor of love! We’d love to hear what our readers think of this new look. Send your thoughts via email to




Courtney GramsCourtney Grams

Interim Director, Faculty Communication

Teaching & Learning Excellence Division (TLED)


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