VoiceThread offers a natural online interaction that lends itself to students presenting & defending their work before experts and peers.

Educause Learning Initiative

Have you been wondering how to add more engaging content to your course? Do you want to add content that promotes community, gives students a chance to comment, share, and add their own multimedia to course topics?  VoiceThread is the answer. VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration tool that makes it easy to add images, voice comments, documents, and videos to online discussions.

TLED is sponsoring a VoiceThread Training on May 3rd at Highland Business Center from 2-4pm. Bring your friends and coworkers and learn how to harness interaction and engagement for your courses. Register now online.

What’s VoiceThreading?

VoiceThread at ACC

Over 250 faculty are using VoiceThread this Spring and the tool continues to be popular year after year. One cellular biology faculty member uses VoiceThread to deliver lectures for her flipped classroom and recording audio. Another biology faculty member requires students to do presentations on course topics in which the other students are required to respond and ask questions. Foreign language faculty members use VoiceThread for practice conversations, and evaluation of pronunciation, word usage, and grammar. View other successful VoiceThread projects.

Both faculty and students have created roughly 12,676 VoiceThread projects and generated 57,084 comments while interacting with VoiceThread content.  

For more assistance with VoiceThread, contact an Instructional Designer on your campus.