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Copying Course Content into Blackboard

  1. From the Control Panel (under the Course Management menu on the bottom left),  expand Packages and Utilities, then click Course Copy.
    Course Copy menu option in Blackboard course Control Panel.
  2. In the Select Copy Type section, select Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.
    Select Copy Type menu option.
  3. In the Select Copy Options section, click Browse next to the Destination Course ID field to open a list of courses you are teaching.
    Select Copy Options Browse button
  4. From the Courses list, select the course into which you want to copy the content, then click Submit.
  5. In the Select Course Materials section, pick the items you want to copy to the chosen course.

    If you are copying Tests, Surveys and Pools or any graded Assignments (including Blogs, Wikis, Journals, Discussion Boards) you must also copy Grade Center Columns and Settings. Otherwise, your tests/surveys/assignments will not copy over correctly.

    Select course materials options
  6. In the File Attachments section, leave the default option Copy links and copies of the content selected.
  7. Skip the Enrollments section.
    Do Not Copy Enrollments

    Verify the option to Include Enrollments in the Copy is left unchecked.
    Enrollments menu option left unchecked.

  8. Click Submit. You will receive an email confirmation when the course copy process is complete.

If you have Respondus Lockdown Browser enabled for any tests, be sure to check your settings in the new course following a course copy by going to Control Panel > Course Tools > Respondus Lockdown Browser.

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Updated on April 30, 2021

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