Sharing information with professional-technical employees is essential to engaging our members and building a culture of communication at Austin Community College.

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Reporting summaries and action items from shared governance meetings are a critical part of these communications. For 2019-2020 this is the process we’ll follow to post-meeting highlights on the APTE website.

1. Prepare the following required details for your post:

Title of the Update – Think of this as the subject line of an email

Your Update Blurb – Must be 500 characters or fewer. These are intended to be short and link to more information.

If you’re reporting about a shared governance meeting, think about what agenda items or discussions would be relevant to APTE members. Highlight those items and refer folks to review the minutes on the appropriate shared governance website.

2. Optional items include:

Image – Images are proven to draw more attention than text alone! Add a photo when you’re able. Simply upload it to your Google Drive and change the settings to “public.” Paste the link in the provided form. 

Note: Please submit in one of the following formats: .jpg, .png, .svg, .gif, .tiff, .webp or .bmp. Phones will sometimes default to .heic which is not supported on this website. For help converting your image, email

Link to More Information – Include this as often as possible. Because your update is limited to 500 characters, you’ll want to send the reader to more details such as the minutes, agenda, or website for the Shared Governance group.

3. Use this form and submit your information. Do not share this form with anyone outside the APTE Executive Council. If someone attended a meeting as your proxy, please have them send these details to you via email.

You will be asked to submit your name, the date of the entry, and a few identifying details that will help readers sort through the APTE news/information.

You will always receive a copy of your responses via email and be given the option to go back and edit your responses if needed.

The APTE Communications Officer will receive a notification each time someone submits to the form and will review the content and edit for clarity as needed. Information that you submit is subject to removal if deemed inappropriate. 

The information you submit will automatically be posted to the APTE website immediately. To delete the content entirely, contact the APTE Communications Officer.

4. Review the APTE website.

If you added a photo, is it showing up properly?

If you added a link, does the link work?

Are there any typos or other pieces of information that require updating?

For additional assistance, contact 2019-2020 APTE Communications Officer, Courtney Grams, at or call 512.223.7522.