Q. What is the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA)?

A. TSI Rule 4.55(b) requires that all testing sites provide a Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) for all first time test takers prior to taking the TSIA.
The PAA will help you understand the following:

  • Why you are being tested.
  • How the TSIA works, including calculator and highlighter tutorials and practice test questions.
  • How test results impact your postsecondary options.
    Resources available to you.

Q. How long is the PAA?

A. The PAA is not timed and you should take your time going through the information and practice questions.

Q. Do I need to study for it?

A. You do not need to study to complete the PAA.

Q. Do I need to complete the entire PAA?

A. Yes, you must complete all the pages and practice questions.

Q. If I have completed the PAA already at my HS or another institution, do I need to complete it again?

A. No, you are only required to complete the PAA once.

Q. I think I completed the PAA already, but am not sure. How do I verify?

A. If you are not sure if you have completed the PAA and cannot find proof of completion, the best option is to complete it again.

Q. How do I get my PAA proof of completion?

A. When you complete the PAA, you will receive an email with your proof of completion. You will be asked to show proof of completion prior to testing. You may print out or show your certificate of completion when you arrive for testing.

Q. Do I have to show proof of completion every time I test?

A. You only need to show your PAA proof of completion at your first test attempt.

Q. I completed the PAA, but I didn’t get a Certificate of Completion. Where can I get the Certificate of completion?

A. If you do not receive a confirmation email, check your SPAM folder.
If you still do not see an email, log into your account and go into your history at the top right of the page.