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Editing PowerPoint Presentations in Google Slides on iPad

Before following this tutorial:

  • Make sure you have access to your ACC email and that you’ve installed the Google Drive and Google Slides apps.
  • Make sure you’ve saved your PowerPoint in Google Drive or sent it to your ACC email address.

  1. Open the email with the PowerPoint and tap on the attachment

2. When the PowerPoint opens, tap the icon on the top right corner (you can also tap the Google Drive icon to the left if you just want the file to go straight to your Drive instead of a specific folder – if you do this, skip to step #8)

3. When the drop-down opens, tap “Drive” (tip: you may have to slide left, through the icons until you see it).

4. When the new window opens, tap “Select Folder”

5. Select destination, tap “My Drive”

6. Once you’re happy with where it will save, tap “Save here”

7. You will be brought back to the original window, tap “UPLOAD” (when it’s complete, the window will disappear)

8. Go back to your Home Screen and open up Google Drive > Locate the PowerPoint presentation (this will depend on where you saved it within your Drive) and tap on it to open. The presentation will automatically open up in Google Slides.

9. Once it’s open you will be able to edit the document (tip: double-tap in the slide to open up the on-screen keyboard)

10. Google Slides automatically saves your edits so when you’ve finished just tap on the check-box in the top left of the screen (tip: you’ll need to tap three times to go back to your Google Slides home page).

Updated on October 21, 2020

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