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Uploading Video & Audio Files on VidGrid

Below is a video tutorial as well as a step-by-step tutorial with screenshots that demonstrates how to upload video and audio files on VidGrid.

To upload videos to your VidGrid account, log in to your account, then go click on the plus + sign in the top left upper corner and choose Upload.

Next, choose the folder you would like the videos to be uploaded to by clicking on the drop-down list and choose any folder you’d like.

The File Upload will default to the folder that is currently selected in your Grid.

You can click manually to add videos to your folder or drag and drop. Once you’ve selected the videos you’d like to upload, you can rename them right in the modal. Just click on the pencil sign and rename your videos.

Click Enter on your keyboard to save the name of our video

Once you’ve renamed all your videos, click Upload. They’ll process and the page will reload. The page will default to the folder that you selected.

If the videos don’t show up right away, go ahead and click on the Refresh button in the top right.

The videos will process in the background so it might take just a couple minutes for the upload. When the videos have all processed they’ll show up right there in the folder that you selected.


Updated on May 12, 2020

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