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Mediasite Video Security Settings

Within Mediasite there are a variety of security settings for videos which you can set to restrict access to your videos.

Once you log into MyMediasite you’ll see your MyMediasite home page which will look something like this:

MyMediasite presentation list

Click any Presentation to be taken to it’s page so we can set the security. You’ll see a section titled “Who Can View?” on the right hand side about halfway down the page. In the image below it’s highlighted with a red box.

MyMediasite video settings with callout around who can view

Video Security Levels

Everyone: Select this option to make this presentation visible to anyone who has access to the link.

My Organization: Select this option to allow only authenticated users (users that are logged into Mediasite) to view the presentation. This is the recommended option, as students should be using Blackboard to watch videos, and Blackboard will log them in.

Only Shared Users: Select this option to give view access to your presentation using the Share Presentation button.

Only Me: Select this option to make this presentation private, which means only you can view it. Select this if you’re still editing the video or want to make 100% sure it’s not available.

Since videos should be added to a course from Mediasite, so there is already a layer of security present. If you’d like to send videos to students directly the Everyone option would be your best bet. Analytics will not be as useful in this case, as viewers will be recorded as “Anonymous.”

*As a final note, any changes you make here may take a few minutes to take effect. If something is not visible right away wait five minutes and try again. If it takes longer than that please refer the issue to ACC’s Mediasite Support.*

Updated on April 9, 2020

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