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Editing Mediasite Presentations

Mediasite has a built in editor for videos. This makes it easy to do things like trim off the beginning or end of your video, or add slides in if you didn’t get a chance to while recording your presentation. Below is a video tutorial as well as step-by-step instructions with screenshots.

Step-by-Step Instructions:
  • To get to the video editor first you need to log into MyMediasite, either directly or through your Blackboard course.
  • Once there, find the video you want to edit. Open the video, and then find the “Edit Video” button, highlighted in red below.

MyMediasite callout on edit video link

  1. This will bring you to the Editor. From here you can see buttons below for cutting time out, (for example: if you want to trim off the beginning of a recording) undoing a trim, inserting slides to the videos, deleting a slide, replacing a slide, editing a slide, cutting, copying, or pasting a slide.

Mediasite editor screen

  1. You can easily change where the video starts or ends by clicking the arrow at the start or end of the video (highlighted in red below) and dragging it to when you want to start the video.

Mediasite editor callout on start/end points

Please note, if you have slides that start with the video, you will want to click and drag their image (highlighted in red below) to match the new start time.

Mediasite editor callout on slide that needs to be moved

The red highlighted slide is now before where the video starts, so it will not display.

Mediasite editor callout on slide

Here, the slide has been moved back after where the video starts, and the slide will show.

  1. If you need to make any cuts to the video outside of the start or end you can click and drag to highlight the section in the timeline (highlighted in red below.)

Mediasite editor callout on timeline

  1. As you can see below, once a space in the timeline is highlighted (shown in yellow below) the cut time button will activate (shown in red below.)

Mediasite editor callout on cut time buttons

  1. Once a cut has been made, either using the cut time button or trimming the start or end of the video, you can adjust the timing of them by dragging the circles that the editor puts after the cuts. This will give you a longer or shorter fade in or out. The image below shows what this looks like, with the fade adjust highlighted in red.

Mediasite editor callout on insert transition

  1. If you’ve made cuts in the middle of a video Mediasite will let you change how those cuts look. You can switch between a hard cut, a fade, or a dissolve. To do this click on the downward facing arrow on a cut (shown in red below) and pick between the options. This menu will also let you delete the cut as well. You can further adjust the timing on these like on the fades above by using the circles at either end of the cuts.

Mediasite editor callout on transition dropdown menu

The downward arrow lets you pick which sort of effect you would like on the cut, or delete it altogether.

The circle highlighted in blue lets you adjust the length of the effects.

Updated on June 17, 2020

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