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Downloading Mediasite Presentations

Mediasite makes downloading your presentations very simple, it even does all the conversion for you! This is useful especially if you want to upload your presentation to another space.

  1. To get started first log into your MyMediasite page. This can also be accessed through your Blackboard course.
  2. Find the presentation you want to mark for download and click it, you should see a screen like you do below.

MyMediasite presentation information page

  1. Find the “Edit Details” Button on the right hand side of the screen. It’s highlighted below in red.

MyMediasite presentation information screen with callout on edit details

  1. Find the tab in the new window that’s labeled “Delivery” (Note: if you don’t click into “Edit Details” there is also a Delivery tab in the same space, but this is just a summary and won’t let you change any options.

MyMediasite presentation edit screen with delivery heading callout

  1. In the Delivery tab there are a few options. One is Podcast, which will get you only the audio from a presentation. Click this if you’d like an audio file of the recording. Another is Publish To Go, which creates a file with the video, and individual images for each slide. This can be very useful if you just want the video that was captured. If you want a video with both the captured video and your screen capture you will need to click on Vodcast.
  2. Both Podcast and Vodcast require you to pick a profile before Mediasite will prepare your download. For Podcast “MP3 160 Kbps” is reccomended. For Vodcast if you want both screens you will need to pick “MP4 Video Podcasts – single video, slides” is the option you will need, otherwise pick the option for the stream you want a video from (Main presentation video or slides).

MyMediasite Vodcast settings

Remember to hit Save on the bottom of the screen before leaving this page!

  1. Mediasite will need some time to prepare your downloads, the time required depends on how long the presentation is, but it is recommended you check back after 30 minutes. If your presentation still hasn’t finished after 24 hours please contact support.
  2. To download your presentation go back to your MyMediasite page, click the presentation you want to download, and scroll to the bottom of the next page. You should see a button for “Download to Computer.”

MyMediasite presentation screen with 'download to computer" callout

  1. If you click this and all Mediasite says is that Publish to Go has not been created you may need to give Mediasite more time to encode your presentation. If you have given it more than a few hours it is suggested to review the steps above to make sure they have all been done, or contact support.
  2. When your presentation is done encoding the download button should give you options to download whichever options you have selected. Below both podcast and vodcast have been selected.

MyMediasite download presentation

  1. As a final note, downloading a Publish to Go package downloads a .zip file. To get to the actual video file you will need to unzip this package, and then go to the “Content” Folder. This will have both your video and individual images for each slide.
Updated on April 9, 2020

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