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Setting up Registration for a Zoom Meeting


Scheduling a meeting that requires registration will allow participants register with their e-mail, name, other questions, and custom questions. You can also generate meeting registration reports if you want to download a list of people that registered.

Note: Participants joining meetings with registration must use the Zoom desktop client or mobile app. They will not be able to join using the web client.

Enabling registration for a meeting

  1. To set up registration for a Zoom meeting, you must first enable it. To do so, sign in to the Zoom web portal. On the left panel, click Meetings, and select Schedule a New Meeting or edit an existing meeting.Zoom meetings
  2. In the Registration section, make sure to select the Required check box.Registration required option on Zoom
  3. After scheduling the meeting, the Registration tab will appear. Click View to see a list of people that have registered for the meeting. Clicking on the registrant name will provide addition info about that person.View registrations on Zoom

Customizing registration options

After you schedule the meeting, you can customize registration options.

  1. In the Registration Options section, click Edit.Edit registration options on Zoom
  2. You can customize these options:Zoom registration options
    • Automatic Approval: Anyone who signs up will receive information on how to join.
    • Manual Approval: Anyone who signs up will need to be approved by the host on the meeting management page.
    • Send an email to host when someone registers: Check this option if you want to receive an email when someone registers for your webinar. Attendees will receive an email when you approve their registration.
    • Close registration after event date: Check this option if you want to prevent anyone from registering after the webinar date and projected end time. Attendees can still register on the event date and once the webinar starts, as long as it is before the projected end time of the webinar. For example, if you schedule a webinar for 9AM with a duration of 2 hours, the registration will close at 11AM.
      Note: If you enable this setting and make your webinar available on-demand, people can use the original registration link to register for the on-demand webinar recording.
    • Allow attendees to join from multiple devices: Check this option to allow webinar attendees to be able to join from multiple devices, such as computers and phones.
    • Show social share buttons on the registration page: Provides buttons to share the registration page to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email.
  3. You can also customize the question fields that appear in your registration page, along with creating your own questions.Zoom registration questions
Updated on August 25, 2020

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