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Webinar Recording: Blackboard Collaborate Overview for Faculty & Tutors


Here are the questions asked during the live Collaborate session:

If you plan to meet with students, do they just pop in at the agreed meeting time?


Can you leave the room open all the time?

Yes.  However, it is not best practice to leave a room open all the time because faculty would not know who or why someone is in the Collaboate room.

Can you lock the room to prevent others from joining?

When a Blackboard Collaborate session is unlocked anyone can join the session at any time.

Do you need a camera?

No. Participants can still view the presentation without a webcam.

I am unable to see any share options in my Participant panel. Why?

Only moderators and presenters have the ability to share content. A moderator would need to assign one of those roles to you. If you’re current role is already moderator or presenter, you must use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to share your screen (sorry Safari fans!).

How does a student upload a paper through Collaborate so that student and tutor can look at it together? Can this paper be editable on a whiteboard or something?

Students do have the option to upload files, however, the whiteboard may not be the ideal solution. I would recommend having the student share the file using Google Docs, which has native collaboration tools such as editing and commenting. Both the student and tutor would be able to see changes in real time.

To learn more visit Share files from Google Drive.

Can I post my recordings to YouTube?

Yes, but they should be unlisted and not visible to the world.

Alternatively, you can share the .mp4 video file via Google Drive so that only those students enrolled in that section have access. They would only need to log in with their ACC Gmail account.

Will students be getting any training on Collaborate in their DL courses?

Not in an official capacity at this time. However, we do have a resource for students through this Collaborate Ultra for Participants article.

Add this link directly to your course in the description for the session link in the Content Area.

If I copy the course, will my sessions copy?

Yep. The links to your sessions do not change (since they are guest links) as long as the session room is still open. Otherwise, you will need to modify session end dates in the original course where the session was created.

Do you get notified when a participant is waiting if they log in before you?

Nope. Assuming you allow participants to enter the session room early, no notification is sent.

Additional Tips

Whiteboard Tool: Be careful with the eraser while using the Whiteboard tool. Clicking the eraser clears the entire screen and not the last thing you added.

Closed Captions: Consider adding closed captions or a transcript to your recordings if they are required as part of the course material.

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Updated on April 28, 2021

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