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Recording a Video on VidGrid


Below is a video tutorial as well as step-by-step instructions with screenshots that show how easy it is to record a video on VidGrid.


To record a video on VidGrid, first log in to your account.  Click the Record button located in the upper left corner of your My Grid screen.  The recording frame and toolbar will appear.

record button

You can adjust the size and placement of the recording area on your screen by clicking on the corners.  Drag the corner in or out to change the size, or move the frame around the screen to capture the area you want in your recording.

recording area

From the drop-down menu, you can also choose predesignated frame dimensions or opt to record the entire screen (Fullscreen).

dimension menu

Once you have selected your frame dimensions, you can choose whether or not to have your webcam on during the recording.  Click the Webcam icon from the recording toolbar and select your webcam.

webcam iconrecording area example

You can resize and/or move your webcam image anywhere on the screen as well as move this image around during your recording. (The image below shows a smaller webcam image in the lower right corner of the recording area).

small resized webcam window

Next, choose your audio recording device by clicking the Microphone icon from the recording toolbar. Select your microphone preference from the available choices in the drop-down list.

select audio recording device

Click the More Options icon from the recording toolbar to select additional options.

Webcam only mode will record solely your webcam and nothing else on screen.

Enable recorder countdown will provide a three-second countdown before your recording begins.

Enable rapid recording allows you to record multiple videos consecutively.

more options icon

Hotkey settings provide keyboard shortcuts to start/pause/resume/stop recording as well as maximize or minimize the recorder.

hotkey settings

To begin recording, click on the Record icon in the toolbar.

record button

The 3-second countdown will appear on screen, then the recording will begin capturing everything within the red frame.

countdown to start recordinghighlighted recording area

webcam window inside recording area



Webcam inside the recording area.



Webcam outside the recording area



Webcam outside the recording area.



All screen activity within the red frame will be recorded as well as your audio.  VidGrid’s screen recorder can capture anything on the web or on your desktop.

recording red-boundary

When you have completed your recording, click the Circle/Check icon. You will be prompted to provide the recording with a title.

checkbox clicked to stop recording

Once you’ve named the recording, click the Circle/Check icon again to begin the upload process.

checkbox clicked to start upload and video renamed

Once uploaded, the video will appear on screen for you to review.

recorded video

You can watch it there or select and view it from your My Grid screen.

video library

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Updated on June 1, 2021

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