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My Grid – Context Video Menu

Below is a video tutorial as well as a step-by-step tutorial with screenshots that demonstrate the My Grid – Context Video Menu.

You can access the VidGrid video Context menu by either clicking on the More Options icon, or right-clicking on any video.more options iconright click on video

The Context Video Menu allows you to perform 11 functions for your selected video:

  • Rename
  • Copy Link
  • Copy Embed
  • Copy GIF
  • Generate GIF
  • Manage Thumbnail
  • Set Expiration
  • Duplicate
  • Combine

Rename video button





Rename video





copy link button





Copy link: gives you the short link which allows you to track who views your videos.



copy embed button





Copy embed: allows you to paste the embed code into your LMS.




copy GIF button





Copy GIF: copies the first five seconds of your video and puts a player overlay button on that GIF.



generate GIF button





Generate GIF: creates a 30 second GIF. You can download the GIF or copy the web address.



manage thumbnail button



Manage thumbnail: manage your thumbnail here. If it’s not the image you want at the start of your video, you can upload a new one.



set expiration button



Set expiration: you can set a specific date and time that you’d like the video to change permission so only you can see it instead of others being able to access that video.


duplicate button



Duplicate: you can make a copy of my video with a brand new link.




combine videos button



Combine videos: allows you to combine multiple videos into one single video with a brand new link as well.



download button




Download: you can download any of your videos into .mp4 format.



move to trash button




Move to trash: you can delete for videos here.

Updated on October 13, 2020

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