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Mediasite Overview and First Steps


Mediasite is a platform for lecture capture, letting you record videos of yourself along with your presentation, and then easily distribute it out to whoever needs to see it. You can record classes, short presentations, or even training for staff on it easily. Mediasite is also an integrated tool within Blackboard, making it easy to share videos with your class securely within your Blackboard course. Below is a video tutorial as well as step-by-step instructions with screenshots.

There is also a full tutorial from Mediasite U Using Mediasite with Blackboard 

Adding Mediasite to Blackboard:

Note- Once you have added Mediasite to one Blackboard course it will be added to all Blackboard courses on your account

    1. Log into your Blackboard account, and select the course you’d like to use with Mediasite.
    2. In the Course Management sidebar on the left find Customization, then click Tool Availability. (Marked in red below)
      Screenshot showing "Customization"
      (Customization Menu Highlighted in Red)

      screenshot of "tool availability"
      (Tool Availability in the Customization Drop-Down)
    3. Tool Availability Screen: scroll down to the M’s and find the Mediasite checkboxes.
    4. Checkmark the Mediasite options boxes (see screenshot below)
      • Mediasite (Available in course)
      • Link to Catalog (Available in the content area)
      • Link to Presentations (Available in the content area)
      • Mediasite Presentation(s) (Available in the content area)
screenshot of all mediasite features checked
Mediasite options highlighted and checked as they should be for setup

Click the submit button at the bottom of the page or Blackboard will not save your changes.

screenshot of Submit button

Opening Mediasite

  1. Go to the main page of your course. Under Course Tools dropdown you should now see an option for MyMediasite (marked in yellow below).

    Screenshot showing My Mediasite under Course Tools menu
    (The Course Tools drop-down marked in Red, with MyMediasite marked in yellow)
  2. You may get a screen that says “ATTENTION! The LTI launch will open a new tool. If you do, you just need to click the Launch Button.

    screenshot of Launch LTI Link screen
    (“LTI Launch Link” Page)
  3. It may take a few seconds to finish making your account. You will always open your Mediasite page this way through Blackboard.  screenshot of Mediasite My Presentations home page

Once you go to MyMediasite in Course Tools you will see a screen like the one above. This is the main screen from Mediasite. From here you can download the app to record from your desktop, and create Presentations. Mediasite Mosaic is needed to create a new presentation but you can add most existing video files you have saved here.

Note you need to stay logged in to Blackboard even if you open MyMediasite in a new window

Updated on February 12, 2021

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