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Mediasite Desktop Recorder

The Mediasite Desktop Recorder makes it easy to record a video, lecture, or voice-over-PowerPoint from your computer. The tool automatically uploads the video to your Mediasite cloud storage account, ready for you to distribute to viewers or embed within your Blackboard course. Below is a video tutorial as well as step-by-step instructions with screenshots.

Mediasite Desktop Recorder Setup

  1. To download the Desktop Recorder click the Add Media button found in the upper right of the page.screenshot of MyMediasite my presentations screen with "add media" callout
  2. Click the download the Mediasite Desktop Recorder link in the middle of the page, marked in red below.screenshot of selecting the download mediasite desktop recorder callout
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Mediasite Desktop Recorder. You may need to have IT sign in as an admin if you don’t have permission to install software on your ACC computer.
  4. After the Desktop Recorder is installed we’re going to find the Register button in step three of the page, highlighted below in red. Your browser will ask if it can open an external program, and you need to confirm or allow that (it’s trying to open and register Desktop Recorder with your account.screenshot showing the mediasite recorder register button callout
  5. This is what the menu for opening Desktop Recorder looks like in Chrome, in Firefox it looks more like an Open File… pop-up.screenshot for opening mediasite desktop recorder
  6. Once it’s installed and registered Desktop Recorder is ready to record and automatically save videos to your Mediasite cloud account.

Recording with Mediasite Desktop Recorder

  1. Once installed and configured Desktop Recorder will look like the picture below. If you do not see your account name in the upper left (where the screenshot below says Dan Goldberg) follow the directions in step 4 above in the Mediasite Desktop Recorder Setup section.screenshot "welcome to the mediasite desktop recorder"
  2. Clicking Overview will bring you to SonicFoundry’s Mediasite tutorials which may be useful, but for the purposes of this guide, we’re going to click the second button from the left, Record, marked below in red.screenshot of record button callout
  3. The screen shown below will let you name your presentation, and chose if you want to capture your screen and full video, or only your screen and audio. If you click the arrow highlighted in red you can choose to capture a slideshow instead of the video on the computer.

    screenshot of mediasite screen capture selections for mediasite desktop recorder
    The first screen of the recording options.
  4. The second screen sets up the camera and microphone for recording if you’ve selected Screencast + Audio on the previous screen the first two options will show “Camera will not be recorded” like it does below. This is also where you’ll check your sound level. Speak into your microphone and make sure the sound meter (marked in red below) moves when you’re speaking and stays below the orange on the meter, but high enough into the green to be audible.

    screenshot for setting up mic and camera for mediasite desktop recorder with levels callout
    The second screen showing hardware setup.
  5. The third screen will collapse the window into a selection box. You need to pick an option here and click the green checkmark to continue. By default, Mediasite will capture everything on the main screen of your Desktop, but you can set it to capture a specific window (say a browser window) or a region of your screen that you define (shown below.)
    screenshot of MDR default options with nothing selected
     The capture screen showing default options, note that until an option is selected you won’t be able to click the green checkbox.

    Screenshot of MDR Region selection
     Capturing a specific region of the screen.
  6. The final screen will let you review options and set if you want the recording control screen visable, and the control screen position. If you’re using a second monitor this can be useful, but if you’re working off a laptop and capturing your whole desktop you will see a warning that you’re going to capture the control panel as well, and will probably want to hide it or minimize it.screenshot for reviewing your options and testing the desktop recorder
  7. After you hit record you will see a countdown, and then Mediasite will begin capturing your screen and microphone audio. If you need to stop recording for any reason look for the red pause button in your taskbar by the Clock on your computer. (Keep in mind Mediasite may put this under the expanded menu, requiring you to click the arrow to access it.)

    screenshot of mediasite recorder in windows taskbar
    The Mediasite pause button under the expanded taskbar.
  8. When you are paused, the screen below appears. If you need to try the recording again, click Discard. If you Paused it but are not finished you can click Resume Recording. Clicking the Finish Recording button will begin the video upload.

    screenshot of discard, resume or finish recording with mediasite desktop recorder
    Mediasite Pause Window
  9. After you finish recording select “Finish Recording” and your video should automatically save to your Mediasite Cloud account. https://austincc.mediasite.com/Mediasite/mymediasite to view it, share it, or change the options.
Updated on December 16, 2020

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