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Mediasite Channel for Blackboard Course

Channels are one way to share a collection or series of video content to your Blackboard course. You can create and share Channels through your My Mediasite portal. The Channel acts like a curated video playlist that your students can easily access. 

To learn more about creating a channel, moving videos into a channel, and sharing a channel, view this User Channel article.

Favorite Channels

Best Practice Tip – When your Channel is created and saved, click on the star icon to add it to your Favorite Channels list (on left side of screen). This will help you easily find the Channel later.

This screenshot shows how to star your channel to add to favorite channel list.

Set Security Setting – Authenticated Users

Before sharing the Channel with students for your specific course, make sure to set the Channel security setting to: Authenticated Users with view permission.

  1. Select the Channel.
  2. Click Security.This screenshot show how to set security setting to authenticated users steps 1 through 2.
  3. You will see your Security dialog box appear.
  4. In the dialog box called Assigned Roles, locate and select AuthenticatedUsers in the list. On the right side, check View under the Allow column. Make sure to click Save. This means students will need to login to Blackboard to access your specific course Channel.This screenshot show how to set security setting to authenticated users steps 3 through 4.

When moving videos into a channel, choose the Inherit permissions from channel option to adjust the security permissions to match the user channel.

Inherit permissions mediasite

Delete Channels

Best Practice Tip – When you want to delete your Channel, make sure to move your video presentations back into your My Drafts. Otherwise, you will delete the all videos too.

This screenshot show message about how to preserve your videos when you delete a channel.

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Updated on May 23, 2022

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