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Grading with Rubrics

Grade an assignment with a rubric in Blackboard

  1. From Course Management > Grade Center > Needs Grading page, click on a student’s name under the User Attempt column. You can access a student submitted assignment file. Expand the grading panel under Assignment Details to access the rubric you created (see Creating a Rubric and Associating Rubrics with Gradable Items).screenshot of grade center user attempts
  2. Select the rubric title to expand it in the panel. Optionally, select the check boxes to Show Descriptions for criteria and to Show Feedback boxes. Or, select the View Rubric in Window icon to open the rubric in a separate window and grade from there.screenshot of accessing rubric
  3. Select an achievement level. Raw Total score appears as you make point selections. You can also enter a value in the Change the number of points box to override the selected score. Select Save Rubric and Submit.

Grade test questions with a rubric

On the Test Canvas, questions that you’ve associated with a rubric appear with the rubric icon next to the points box (see Creating a Rubric and Grading Assignments) .

  1. When you grade student test submissions, select View Rubric to open the rubric in a new window. view test question rubric
  2. For questions with rubrics, students can select View Rubric and view the grading criteria before they answer.
Updated on November 12, 2020

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