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Format Videos for Mediasite Uploads

If you have a large video file, you may need to compress the size for faster uploading time and for a better viewing experience on Mediasite. Adobe Media Encoder can process your video to the proper format to ensure the video plays on different devices. The software is available to ACC faculty and staff via the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

This article outlines how to access Adobe Media Encoder at ACC and how to encode or re-format your video for Mediasite.

Getting Started

You will first need to get Adobe Media Encoder to your computer using the information found at this ACC Adobe Creative Cloud website.

You will also need to download and save this preset file to your computer. Find the ACCMediasite-2021 preset file here.

User Interface – Adobe Media Encoder

After you have installed Adobe Media Encoder to your computer, launch the application. Be sure to familiarize yourself to the four main panels of the User Interface in the default workspace. The user interface is divided into four panels.

  1. Media Browser: to browse media of various formats on your system.
  2. Queue: to find the list of the encoding jobs.
  3. Preset Browser: to find any format to output the file or to create or import custom presets.
  4. Encoding panel: to monitor the progress of the current encoding job.Screenshot of four panels of Adobe Media Encoder user interface.


Reduce Video File Size

  1. Use the Media Browser panel to find the video file that you need to process. Select the video.
  2. Drag your selected video file from the Media Browser to the Queue panel. You will see the title listed in the Queue.
  3. In the Preset Browser panel, click on the icon that looks like a folder with an arrow to import the Mediasite preset that you downloaded and saved to your computer. The preset is named ACCMediasite-2021.eprScreenshot of Preset Browser and folder icon to import preset.
  4. After successfully importing the preset, it’ll be listed under User Presets & Groups.Screenshot of ACCMediasite preset in the User Presets and Groups panel.
  5. Go back to the Queue panel, and under the Preset column, click on the down arrow icon below the video and select ACCMediasite-2021, which will be listed at the very top, to change the current preset.Screenshot of Queue panel and the Preset column that confirms install of Mediasite preset.

    Tip – Click on the Output File if you want to change the output name or location where your video will be saved.

  6. Select the green Start Queue arrow button, and Adobe Media Encoder will get to work.Screenshot of green Start Queue arrow button.
  7. Check the Encoding panel to see the progress of the encoding job.Screenshot of video encoding in progress.
  8. When the encoding process is completed, click the output file to open the file in your computer folder. You can now upload this processed video file to your My Mediasite.

Contact Support

This article was created and is maintained by the Office of Academic Technology.

If you have found an error in this article, or if you need assistance incorporating this article into your course, please contact the ​Educational Technologist.

Updated on May 23, 2022

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