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First Day Inclusive Access Set-up

First Day Inclusive Access includes several steps as an instructor. Below are links and support contacts for you as you work through the different aspects of First Day Inclusive Access.

Requesting First Day Inclusive Access materials

If you would like to use First Day Inclusive Access materials in your course you must request it in advance of the semester. For example, Using First Day (IA) materials for the fall semester requires that you request them in the spring. This will allow ACC as well as Barnes and Noble to prepare for both student registration and your course materials.

View additional information on submitting First Day/Inclusive Access course materials.

Setting up your Blackboard

Faculty must set-up an LTI link as part of their First Day course. It is recommended you set this link up 2 weeks prior to the course start date.

Read this TLED / OAT Knowledge Base article on creating an LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) link.

Refer to the Barnes & Noble First Day Inclusive Access set-up steps article.


2 – 4 Weeks Before Class Starts
  1. Ensure that the Barnes & Noble College Course Materials link is installed in your First Day course(s) so students can access their course materials. If your LMS Admin did not install for you, please follow the instructions for your LMS at the links below:
  2. Once added, click the link so the course can be mapped to show the correct course materials. If you receive the message “No materials are associated to this course.” This means the mapping hasn’t completed yet – refresh and try again after ten minutes to ensure it is mapped, if not, contact your Bookstore Manager.
  3. If using a publisher courseware product (i.e. MyLab, Connect, MindTap) be sure you have completed the course setup/pairing. Contact your publisher representative for assistance.

Merged courses can cause student access issues. If you are merging your courses within Blackboard, please let your bookstore manager know ASAP.

2 Weeks Before Class Starts
  1. Ensure messaging is added to your syllabus and LMS course describing the program and the benefits.

Sample messaging:

  • To enhance your learning experience and provide affordable access to the right course material, this course is part of an inclusive access model called First Day. You can easily access the required materials for this course at a discounted price, and benefit from single sign-on access with no codes required in Blackboard.
  • Austin Community College will bill you at the discounted price as a course charge for this course.
  • It is NOT recommended that you Opt-Out, as these materials are required to complete the course. You can choose to Opt-Out on the first day of class, but you will be responsible for purchasing your course materials at the full retail price and access to other online course materials will be suspended.
First Day of Class
  1. Let students know about this program that will save them money on their course materials!
  2. Ensure students know that they can opt-out within Blackboard using the Course Materials link.
  3. Ensure students have popup blockers turned off in Blackboard and have cookies enabled, direct them here for details:
  4. Direct any student concerns or questions to the Barnes & Noble College Customer Care team and provide students the Customer Care Contact Information:


TLED/OAT Student Knowledge Base articles and contacts for students

Below are two articles on First Day Inclusive Access topics for students. They are located in the Navigating Student Success at ACC Knowledge Base. This knowledge base has many topics that will help students to find success at ACC!

First Day Course Material Access

First Day Course Material Troubleshooting and Support


Student Technology Services


Contact Support

This article was created and is maintained by the Office of Academic Technology.

If you need assistance incorporating this article in your course, please contact an Educational Technologist.

Updated on May 13, 2022

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