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Enabling Respondus LockDown Browser


The Respondus LockDown Browser is an option for secure testing. Below is a video walkthrough of the process to enable the Respondus LockDown Browser followed by step-by-step instructions.

  1. From the Control Panel, expand Course Tools, then click Respondus LockDown Browser.
    Blackboard course tools with Respondus LockDown Browser option
  2. The Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard displays.
    respondus lockdown browser selection screen with help menu
  3. Continue to LockDown Browser and choose Settings from the chevron menu to the left of the test. Choose Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam.
    Select require
  4. Do not enter your own password. Respondus will automatically generate a password that is populated when students access the test.  Respondus LockDown Browser documentation does not recommend enabling the option to Lock students into the exam until the exam is complete.
  5. Click Save and Close.
  6. “Requires Respondus LockDown Browser” now displays under LockDown Browser Settings for that test.
  7. If you change the exam settings or exam name after making the exam secure with the LockDown Browser, the exam will no longer be secure.

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Updated on May 11, 2022

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